Watch Sacha Baron Cohen Shove a Wheelchair-Bound Actress Offstage, But Only for Pranksies

The YouTube headline reads “Sacha Baron Kills Awards Presenter at the 2013 Brittania Awards.” That is, we think, a bit misleading. He merely breaks “Charlie Chaplin’s cane” — presented to him as he accepts the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy, further details unimportant — then accidentally shoves the wheelchair-bound, “oldest living actress to appear in a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin” off a stage. The crowd gasps. Presumably other things happened at the ceremony, but the reverse–Bad Grandma part is the one people are going to remember, in that fleeting way that viral pranks involving octogenarians being launched into the yawning, cocktail-adjacent abyss to their presumed demise are remembered.

But is she OK? Of course she’s OK. Everything’s fine; these are professionals. Salma Hayek was standing right there. Clooney was nearby. No one gets hurt on their watch. And one has to assume that, at minimum, the Off Their Rockers team that allows Betty White and her daredevil crew to cheat death time after time was consulted. This is Hollywood. Nothing bad ever happens here.

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