‘Walk of Shame’ Trailer: Elizabeth Banks vs. The City of Los Angeles

It seems impossible that the universe has not already produced a movie called Walk of Shame, because that’s a foolproof premise that sells itself in three words. The details are secondary. College hookup comedy? Sure, sold. A Hangover-style, hard-R farce about a one-night stand so mind-obliteratingly debauched that its participants get lost trying to find their way back to their respective hotels on the Vegas Strip? Stop using so many words, it’s making it hard to jam all this free money into your mouth.

But now we have finally have one, bless the Gods of Elevator Pitches, where a straitlaced Elizabeth Banks, having let her freak flag fly on exactly the wrong night, embarks on an After Hours–ish quest to cross Los Angeles without money, a phone, a car, a 2001 Thomas Guide, an assault weapon. The trailer explains it just fine. And no suspension of disbelief necessary — if you actually needed to get from downtown L.A. to the west side with a ticking clock of a mere eight hours to The Most Important Audition of Your Life, well, you know what? Why not park yourself in one of our many world-class restaurants and have an incredible meal instead? Or talk your way into a nice room at the brand-new Ace Hotel to get freshened up for your big day?* Ha-ha, jk, go get into hilarious misadventures instead, newslady.

[*This paragraph sponsored by The Downtown Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce: Stop Saying It’s Scary Here, Hollywood!]

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