True Salesman: Watch Matthew McConaughey Try to Sell You a Shiny New Car

Rust Cohle really wants to sell you a Lincoln, not that anything as ultimately meaningless as a midrange car purchase will do anything but further fray the edges of man’s blackened, desecrated soul. But still, there might be something worthwhile in wrapping yourself tight in a good, solid metal cocoon and driving aimlessly out into the sun-scorched nowhere until, I don’t know, the heavens tear themselves asunder and reveal the swirling nothingness of the infinite, or you have a brief but existentially intense standoff with your spirit animal. Old Cyrus might be 1,800 pounds of do-whatever-the-heck-he-wants, but when you’ve faced the darkness over and over again without turning away, even an intimidating slab of future T-bones is ultimately just another speed bump on the road to the Hard Truth. Even so, sometimes you’ve just got to turn the car around and try another day. Old Cyrus will still be there when you get back. He’ll be waiting for you. You have a connection.

Oh, oops, did we say Rust Cohle up top? We meant Matthew McConaughey. He’s not playing a signature character owned by HBO in these totally unrelated car commercials! (Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, for maximum pop-nihilism!) Any resemblance to a certain hollow-cheeked, wild-eyed seeker is purely unintentional, and not at all an attempt to remind everybody — like, say, the kind of aging awards electorate of a certain entertainment professionals association who might be interested in an senior-skewing automotive brand — that he was recently jobbed by a sentimental vote for last year’s defining antihero. He’s already got an Oscar this year. He doesn’t need your lesser hood ornament for his fancy new ride, grandpa. All right, all right, all right. MKC Livin’.

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