Trailers of the Week: Mission Impossible 4, The Muppets, and Into the Abyss

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (December 21)

It’s his first foray into live action, but this new trailer for M:I 4 bears traces of director Brad Bird’s The Incredibles. Taking a page from Nolan, Bird shot many of the primary action sequences in pure IMAX (not blown-up 35 mm), and Tom Cruise performs many of (if not all) his own stunts — like hanging 124 stories off the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. Also, audiences should prepare themselves for lots of shots of Cruise running. Is there another actor who, when asked to run in a film always does so at a sprint? Dude’s a pro.

Verdict: “No safe house. No Support. No extraction.” No qualms about this one.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (March 2, 2012)

Aside from its trailer’s manipulative use of the Polyphonic Spree’s “Light and Day,” this adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ 1971 environmental cautionary tale looks pretty strong. From the same team behind last season’s underrated Despicable Me, Lorax could be one of 2012’s animation Oscar contenders.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 barbaloot suits

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (November 11)

This trailer for the Brazilian thriller is action-packed and stylish in all the right ways. It’s been compared to The Wire and the work of Scorsese and Coppola. Expectations are high.

Verdict: It’s got a nice early John Woo feel, too.

Into the Abyss (November 11)

Here, fearless doc-maker Werner Herzog once again investigates the darker corners of the human condition, interviewing death-row inmate Michael Perry (scheduled to die eight days after he spoke with Herzog). This trailer is engrossing from the first shot.

Verdict: A potential must-see.

Hugo (November 23)

The second trailer for Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is just as rousing as the first. It looks like Scorsese used 3D in a non-gimmicky, story-enhancing way. Looking forward to this one.

Verdict: Early word is excellent. This trailer doesn’t disappoint.

The Secret World of Arrietty (February 17, 2012)

From legendary Japanese animation Stuio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki (writer only) The Secret World of Arrietty’s trailer is pretty stirring.

Verdict: As an added bonus, the film features the voices of Amy Poehler and Will Arnet.

The Muppets (November 23)

The marketers for The Muppets had a tough job, making a classic franchise relevant for a new generation without turning off original fans. But over the past few months they’ve run one of the most creative campaigns in years. And this new parody trailer is pretty hilarious.

Verdict: Let’s hope the movie’s as good as its marketing.

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