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  • Our In-House Deadite Is Officially OK With the First Evil Dead Remake Trailer

    [Note: This trailer is red-band, so might be NSFW.] So here it is. Our first look at the Evil Dead remake that many thought was entirely unnecessary and some were even dreading. But now, after a glimpse at this terrifying trailer, we’re eagerly anticipating the time when it can eat our souls. We Deadites crave any […]

  • Four Highlights From a Long-Lost Empire Strikes Back Documentary

    In the 16 years between Return of the Jedi (1983) and Phantom Menace (1999), George Lucas focused a lot of his attention on the development of Industrial Light & Magic, his effects company, but never lost sight of his primary cash cow: the Star Wars franchise. As an evil wizard, he understood that with Star […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Five Year Engagement, This Means War, and Lockout

    Five Year Engagement (April 27) Silver: I’m a little disappointed in Jason Segel. He should know better than to reveal the age-old secret of “The Jewish Drawer”. Every Jewish boy has one, and to reveal its contents … well … let’s just say things take a turn akin to the one at the end of […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Chimpanzee, Young Adult, and John Carter

    Chimpanzee (April 20) Browne: If you think you can hold it together during a Disney documentary about a lost orphan chimpanzee, you are wrong. So very wrong. No one is safe from this cry-fest. I’m sort of a mess right now. I have a cocktail of tears and snot all over my face. Silver, please […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Catch .44, The Iron Lady, and Titanic 3D

    Catch .44 (December 9) Daniel Silver: If it weren’t for the presence of the 33-year-old Malin Akerman (sorry, Malin. You’re awesome and I love you) I would have assumed Catch .44 was a cheap Tarantino knock off from 17 years ago. Malin would have been a teen back then, so there’s no way she could […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Snow White, Contraband, and Goon

    Snow White and the Huntsman (June 2) Daniel Silver: A box-office battle between two pasty-faced adolescents will range as two Snow White films will be released in 2012. Although Mirror Mirror will win the race to theaters on March 16, June’s Snow White and the Huntsman has notched itself a win by releasing its trailer […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Mission Impossible 4, The Muppets, and Into the Abyss

    Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (December 21) It’s his first foray into live action, but this new trailer for M:I 4 bears traces of director Brad Bird’s The Incredibles. Taking a page from Nolan, Bird shot many of the primary action sequences in pure IMAX (not blown-up 35 mm), and Tom Cruise performs many of […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Chronicle, Flowers of War, and The Descendants

    Chronicle (February 3, 2012) Written by Max Landis (son of John), and starring mostly unknowns (yep, that’s Michael B. Jordan from Friday Night Lights), Chronicle looks to breathe some new life into the “found footage” genre. The film follows three friends who happen upon an unknown substance, develop super powers, and ultimately turn on each […]

  • Trailers of the Week: Shame, Haywire, and This Means War

    Shame (December 2) With Shame, writer/director Steve McQueen (a.k.a. “Not the one in the car”) reunites with his muse Michael Fassbender, who here plays a successful New York businessman who goes to great lengths to keep his sexual deviancy a secret. Although Shame debuted to critical acclaim in both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals, […]

  • Marilyn Monroe, Maybe-Racist Swordfighting Cats and Creepy Motion Capture Animation: The Week in Trailers

    My Week with Marilyn Since moving on from the Creek, Michelle Williams has been slowing making a legit movie star out of herself with over a decades worth of solid supporting and fringe performances. In My Week with Marilyn she doesn’t just take the big “Above the Title” step, she throws down a the gauntlet […]

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