Trailers of the Week: A Dangerous Method, Fireflies in the Garden, and Human Centipede II

A Dangerous Method (November 23)

A film about the relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and the birth of psychoanalysis would seem to be in David Cronenberg’s wheelhouse, as he’s been psychoanalyzing his protagonists for his entire career. It’s been four years since the director’s Eastern Promises, so hopes are high for this one.

The Weird World of Blowfly (September 16)

This doc tells the story of Clarence Reid, legendary R&B producer whose alter-ego is Blowfly, the godfather of X-Rated rap. From the trailer, it looks to strike the right balance between between empathy and absurdity.

Limelight (September 23)

After Steve Rubell and Studio 54 there was Peter Gatien and Limelight (which shuttered for good in 2007). With this doc, director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U) takes audiences inside Gatien’s club and the mind of its owner. The trailer plays like a video one might’ve found inside Limelight — lots of booming bass, primary colors, and flashing lights.

Retreat (October 21)

Paranoia, betrayal, and an intense sense of foreboding run through the trailer for Retreat, a thriller from first-time director Carl Tibbetts. Cillan Murphy and Thandie Newton play a couple on a remote island holiday who happen upon a stranger (Jamie Bell) who informs them of an apocalyptic global pandemic. The trailer suggest a violent, claustrophobic ride, with a Dead Calm-meets-28 Days Later vibe.

Fireflies in the Garden (October 14)

Fireflies in the Garden is a drama top-lined by Julia Roberts, Ryan Reynolds, Willem Dafoe, and Emily Watson. It’s already been released in 22 other countries, but its U.S. release was delayed for three years. But there’s nothing here in this trailer that would suggest anything worse than your usual straightforward award-coveting family drama.

Margaret (September 30)

In Margaret, Anna Paquin struggles with the consequences of being the primary witness to a brutal bus accident. This is Kenneth Lonergan’s follow up to his 2000 critically acclaimed You Can Count on Me, and another long-delayed, chock-full-o-stars film finally getting a release (the film was shot in 2005). Behind the scenes squabbling over run time and final cut have been cited for the film’s postponement, but the trailer shows real promise.

Eye of the Storm (Release date TBD)

Like many of the other melodramatic imports dealing with high-society problems, Eye of the Storm seems to be well-made, mostly entertaining, but ultimately predictable. Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis play siblings tending to their overbearing dying mother.

Melancholia (VOD October 7, In theaters on November 11)

Lars Von Trier is back again with Melancholia, a surrealist meditation on the apocalypse. This new trailer highlights the film’s critical acclaim and starry cast (Kirstin Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, and Alexander Skarsgard).

Janie Jones (TBD)

A deadbeat mom abandons her teenage daughter with her deadbeat rock-singer dad. But after keeping her at arm’s length for a while, he hears her sing an original song and BOOM, they’re a family. That’s basically the trailer (and what looks like the entire film).

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (October 7)

Since we know what 2010’s Human Centipede was about, we weren’t going to take any chance by watching the trailer for its sequel. But it’s embedded above if you’re braver than we are.

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