Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Breaking Bad, Magic Mike, and the Killers

This week on the Hollywood Prospectus podcast, Andy and I welcome back the creeping dread and heathen chemistry of Breaking Bad (3:55). Is this the best show on television right now? Well, it certainly is “right now” (sorry, Newsroom). But what is it that makes Vince Gilligan’s profoundly dark, very contemporary vision of teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White so compelling? We get real interior with it to find out. We also take shots at Skyler’s breakfast-making skills.

Andy and I then moved on to the big screen (25:48), discussing two newish movies — Magic Mike and Margaret — that are sort of antidotes to the cape, mask, and sequel flicks that are currently flooding the multiplexes. Though if memory serves, there might have been some mask action in Magic Mike. It’s hard to recall.

We also chatted about the instant reaction to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange (39:50) album (with a quick detour through Radiohead’s latter-day catalog), the new single from The Killers (43:30), and the awesome-looking cover art and awesome-sounding tracklisting for Rick Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t (47:30). We wrapped it all up with a trip to the Double Down Book Club (sort of), touching on Willy Vlautin’s Northline (49:15). Throw on some headphones and unleash the interiority!

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