Thom Yorke Just Put a New Album on BitTorrent

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Thom Yorke has a new album! It’s his second solo disc, it’s called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, it features incredible use of parentheses on the track “There Is No Ice (For My Drink),” and it’s available on … BitTorrent? Right when I was about to go on a rant about how Yorke hates Spotify, which pays artists, I realized this isn’t the pirate-y, free kind of BitTorrent — Yorke is charging $6. “If it works,” Yorke says, “anyone can do this exactly as we have done.”

SNL cast impressions with Bill Hader.
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Jon Favreau is shopping a series about the history of the NFL.

Craig Robinson is coming back to Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the dreaded Pontiac Bandit.

Why can no one bring Y: The Last Man, an incredible story that would be even more of an all-female cast than Orange Is the New Black, to fruition already?!

Speaking of SNL: Here are Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande’s promos. Season 40 premieres this weekend.

Anna Paquin is returning to X-Men.

Thomas Pynchon will have an Inherent Vice cameo. Too bad neither you nor anyone else knows what he looks like!

Lost’s Josh Holloway (Sawyer) will star in Carlton Cuse’s new sci-fi show Colony over at USA.

Samuel L. Jackson karaokes Robin S’s “Show Me Love.”
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Here’s how the Thronies spent their summer vacations.

And here’s your hot new Morrissey merch slogan: “Be Kind to Animals or I’ll Kill You.”

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