This Parody Anne Hathaway ‘For Your Consideration’ Video Dreams a Dream of Oscar Victory

Admit it: Ever since you saw Les Mis, you haven’t been able to get Anne Hathaway dying out of your head. It’s the irresistible mindworm of this year’s awards race, and it’s the reason we’re more likely to see the ghost of an actual dead French prostitute appear onstage to snatch away Hathaway’s freshly bestowed Best Supporting Actress statuette, menacingly shaking a bag full of loose teeth and wailing about “soul theft,” than we are to hear the name of one of the four other nominees called. There’s a better chance of Daniel Day-Lewis tearfully admitting the use of beard-enhancing drugs to Oprah and throwing his support behind Ben Affleck’s criminally unrecognized, but all-natural, Argo chest rug, which, in an impossible turn of events, is awarded an Oscar by illegal write-in votes. She’s a lock. Bet your house. (Disclosure: Grantland is not responsible if you lose your house betting on the Academy Awards. You’ll get terrible odds on this one, anyway.)

So even though Hathaway probably doesn’t need her own “For Your Consideration” video at this point, it was pretty generous of these people to put one out there for her. Let’s all dream a dream of inevitable victory.

[h/t Awards Daily]

Mark Lisanti is an editor at Grantland.

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