The Wire: The Musical Is an Unblinking Look at the Futility of American Drug Policy That Will Set Your Toes A-Tappin’

If you liked The Wire enough during its five uncompromising seasons on HBO but wished it’d had more in common with Anything Goes, I have splendid news! Coming to the Players Theatre, it’s The Wire: The Musical! Mr. Omar (Michael K. Williams) won’t just whistle, he’ll sing and dance! Kima (Sonja Sohn) shows off a little hoofing while getting to know her dissolute colleague McNulty (Not Dominic West)! Bubbles (Andre Royo) details the heart-wrenching details of his struggle with drug addiction in a rousing gospel number that’ll bring the house down! Plus: Isn’t Faizon Love a better Stringer Bell, when you really think about it? “I’m pretty sure David Simon doesn’t know they’re doing this,” says the New York Times. “But if he did, he’d love it!” And so will you.

By the way, if you’re amused by the idea of a version of The Wire that’s appropriate for the whole family, check out Rap: The Musical from Mr. Show. “Rap: The Musical contains no rap music!”

[h/t Alan Sepinwall]

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