The Right Reasons Podcast: The Challenge and The Bachelorette

The Challenge: Rivals IIAs it turns out, what happens in Thailand does not stay in Thailand, even if cameras don’t quite capture the action. This is a lesson that Challenge rookie Marlon learned the hard way as his not-seen pool hookup with Derek landed him at the center of one of this week’s fights. That’s right: The Challenge featured a multitude of altercations this week, which translates into a true cornucopia for us on the Right Reasons podcast. With so much curious editing at work, we did our best to untangle all the drama. Next, we were obliged to mention the “Men Tell All” special of The Bachelorette. Have you noticed the weird way Chris Harrison says “finale”? We did. Ultimately, we were drawn to the sea, probably because Jacoby enjoys Below Deck

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