The Price Is Right Gives Away Its Biggest Prize, Contestant Has Exact Right Reaction

Sheree. Was there ever as Price as Right–ish a name as Sheree? Sheree L. Heil, from Tacoma, Washington? There never was, which goes a long way toward explaining how Sheree took home the show’s priciest prize of all time Monday with an Audi R8 V8 Spyder Quattro S Tronic valued at $157,300, or $22,471.43 for each word in the vehicle’s name. (P.S., as EW points out, “there have been numerous primetime specials in the past couple of years offering larger prizes including $1 million,” but we all know the only real and true Price Is Right is the one you watch when you’re home from elementary school on a snow day. Sorry, $1 million winners/human footnotes of history.) So yeah, Sheree, after some Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacketstyle shouting, won the brand! new! car! and $10,000 in gas money and went appropriately insane, possessed by the spirit of each and every dollar that went into creating her slick new ride. Drew Carey stayed pretty chill.

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