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The Oscar nominations were announced today and promptly followed by a tradition nearly as cherished as the Academy Awards themselves: a bunch of reporters calling up giddy, sleep-deprived nominees and getting them to freak out on the phone. For the most part, these Oscar nominee reactions follow a tried-and-true formula. Woke up earlygot a million textscan’t believe itso excited, blah blah blah. But every year, a handful of brave souls venture beyond cliché and give us something a bit meatier. To honor these folks, we present the 2014 “Oscar Nominee Reaction” Oscars.

Best “Case for Belief in Higher Power” Reaction: “I’m beyond humbled by this honor.  All of the praying our ladies have done for the film’s success has clearly paid off! —Morgan Neville, director, 20 Feet From Stardom [EW]

Sweetest Reaction, Movie Involving Nicolas “Not the bees! Not the bees!” Cage” Division: “You’d think as an Oscar hopeful I’d be up at 5:30 a.m. glued to my television, but instead I was in the nursery of my 10-month-old twins experiencing the real power of change – that of diapers.” —Kirk DeMicco, writer/director,  The Croods [EW]

Sweetest Reaction, “Movie Involving Johnny Knoxville’s Fake Old-Man Balls” Division: “My wife, son and I were all glued to the TV and internet this morning  … We worked very hard each day to help bring Irving Zissman to life … a dream come true!” —Stephen Prouty, makeup and hairstyling, Bad Grandpa [EW] 

Best “This Seems Like As Good a Time As Any to Remind Everyone I’m Half-Irish” Reaction: “I’m really chuffed with the Oscar nomination” —Michael Fassbender, director actor, 12 Years a Slave [EW]

Best Totally-Missing-the-Point Reaction: “I’m fighting a little cold here but this will certainly go a long way to boost my immune system.” —David O. Russell, director, American Hustle [THR]

Best “This Seems Like As Good a Time As Any to Remind Everyone We’re All Gonna Die One Day” Reaction: “It’s very positive for the film. I’m mostly happy for the actors, Bruce [Dern] and June [Squibb]. I know what it means for them at this point in their careers.” —Alexander Payne, director, Nebraska [THR]

Most Cruelty-Free Reaction: “It feels absolutely amazing, and I’m incredibly honored to be part of this insanity … [Now] I’m going back to bed and then wake up and make vegan pancakes.” —Jared Leto, actor, Dallas Buyers Club [THR]

Best “This Seems Like As Good a Time As Any to Remind Everyone Seattle Is Boring” Reaction: “People up here in the Northwest celebrate with a sit-down dinner, so that’s the type of enjoyment I’ll have.” —Bob Nelson, screenwriter, Nebraska [THR]

Best “This Will Be Really Awkward If Terence And Rachel Winter Get Divorced in the Next Few Years” Reaction: “I was watching it on TV in our apartment in New York and my wife [Rachel Winter] was watching it in Los Angeles, we were on the phone together and she was nominated for [co-producing Best Picture nominee] Dallas Buyers Club … We were rooting for each other up until now, but that’s it! A line has been drawn in the sand, every man for himself. This means war!” —Terence Winter, screenwriter, The Wolf of Wall Street [THR]

Best Fulfillment-of-Stereotypes Reaction, Part 1: “I’m in Brussels … I didn’t have a plan to celebrate because I’m superstitious about that too. But we’ll have a party, maybe not tonight, that’s too short notice, but tomorrow. We’ll be drinking Duvel or Chimay” —Felix Van Groeningen, director, The Broken Circle Breakdown [THR]

Best Fulfillment-of-Stereotypes Reaction, Part 2: “Sipping a cup of tea while watching the sunrise at his house in Malibu, Matthew McConaughey was ‘feeling real nice’ when he heard the news.” —on Matthew McConaughey, actor, Dallas Buyers Club [Variety]

Most Respectful-of-Proper-REM-Cycle Reaction: “‘Sorry if I’m talking quiet,’ whispers Brunetti, who was next to his sleeping girlfriend. ‘We watched the broadcast together, and she went back to sleep.'” —on Dana Brunetti, producer, Captain Phillips [THR]

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