The New Thor: The Dark World Trailer: You Maybe Wanna Stop Yammering About Who’s Gonna Play Batman for Two Minutes?

This summer, nearly all the comic-book movie oxygen has been sucked up by DC properties — Man of Steel went on a $650 million, box-office-leveling rampage across the globe, and the Comic-Con reveal that its sequel will be the big-screen Batman vs. Superman faceoff of moist fanboy dreams immediately touched off a frenzy of speculation about which distinguished, gray-stubbled jaw might protude from beneath the Dark Knight’s cowl. (We’re gonna do Josh Brolin there, right? Let Gosling have the re-reboot.) Sure, Comic-Con also told us the next Avengers will be called Age of Ultron, which, OK, that’s probably a thing easier for mainstream audiences to get excited for than the one about talking trees and badass raccoons.

But let’s not forget about Thor. He’s returning in November in The Dark World, with troublemaking bro Loki and Natalie Portman, whose legal team has apparently not found a way to tear up a contract written on magical Norse parchment and free her from the well-compensated Girlfriend Duty she seemed to be enduring on that first go-round with some ostentatiously armored gods. (She gets it, you’re packing a big hammer, what else you got, thunder-boy? Wanna touch an Oscar?) The Dark World trailer has arrived, and here comes infinity pounds of swinging Mjolnir with it. And some more wrecked cities, both earthbound and heavenly, because that’s the way it’s got to be. But maybe there’s enough here to put aside the Batman talk for a second, at least until Chris Hemsworth’s done smashing that golem. He’s probably got something funny to say afterward.

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