The New Pacific Rim Trailer Cancels the Apocalypse, Kind Of

This past weekend I had a conversation with some friends about what Benjamin Franklin would think if he time-traveled to 2009 and watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We kind of concluded that he would basically understand the underlying mech-obsessed philosophy that all those whirring gears and moving CGI parts were trying to convey, but the narrative would probably be lost on him (and Megan Fox would give him a heart attack). Now I can’t help but wonder what Ben would think of the trailers for Guillermo del Toro’s maximalist fantasy Pacific Rim, with its “humans melding memories with the body of a machine,” and its “2,500 tons of awesome.” (Time for another round of “Summer Blockbuster Dialogue or Mountain Dew Slogan?”) At this point, even a 21st-century denizen like me is afraid that the film might be entirely incomprehensible — like that part when Idris Elba “cancels the apocalypse” although everything appears to get smashed into bits anyway — but the folks who were in attendance at several recent L.A. screenings seemed to disagree. Check out the final trailer above and gauge your enthusiasm one last time.

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