The Hunger Games Trailer: Death, Destruction, and Funny Wigs

Suzanne Collins’ YA book trilogy The Hunger Games is a legit blockbuster, but now it’s heading into its second phase. Can the movie adaptation, in theaters in March, win over the masses that were immune to the manifold charms of the dystopian novels? It’s not only its studio, Lionsgate, that’s hoping this thing becomes a Twilight-size mega-obsession: As evidenced by the fact this new trailer premiered on Good Morning America earlier today, there is a whole lot of media invested in seeing Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the fresh-faced cast become stars. With mass appeal being the goal, you might have thought director Gary Ross would tone down some of the brutality and gloom of the books. But from the looks of this trailer, at least, you’d have thought wrong! All primary elements — from the depressed District 12 kids, to the rich weirdos in the capital, to the bloodthirsty free-for-all in the arena — are present and accounted for, and the result is a promising 2½ minutes. Congratulations, Gary Ross! You can, at least so far, not worry pitchfork-wielding Hunger Games fans storming your house.

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