The ‘Entourage’ Movie Has a Start Date. You Cannot Stop the ‘Entourage’ Movie Now.



The Entourage movie, as you may have heard on the Internet, or perhaps seen written in the finest sky-calligraphy by the coke-white contrail of a private jet transporting five best friends to a premium-tequila-fueled orgy on Majorca, is a go. A GO.

Roll opening credits:

But as of today — as of a scant few moments ago — it is even more of a go. Series imagineer Doug Ellin has announced via all available social media outlets (check your LinkedIn job-box for a “Vincent Chase” of “Queens Blvd Unlimited Industries” who’s trying to add you to his professional network of “chill hangs”) that the Entourage movie now has a start date of January 16. We will now pause for a moment as you head to the seasonal calendar outlet in your nearest shopping mall, rip out the third Thursday of 2014 in the “Unattainable Dream a Day” desk planner, and return to your computer. This dream is more real than it ever has been. That calendar can’t tell you about the viability of your dreams. That forlorn squirrel stretching for the acorn just out of reach doesn’t know you. This is happening, and it’s happening soon.

And now on to the second official Instagram photo of the reunited Entourage movie cast:

[protected-iframe id=”135de4a49a13417a739ac09f51c06ed5-60203239-57735273″ info=”//” width=”462″ height=”688″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

That’s everybody. Count ’em. Even Scott Lavin and Shauna. They are not fucking around with this thing. The continuity will be observed. Adversarial second-tier managers and machete-wielding publicists have been signed. Lloyd must have snapped the pic, because his exclusion would be more than unthinkable; it would be a heresy tantamount to Drama swearing off pancakes or Turtle forgetting to charge up the Tesla. We have every confidence he’ll be back. This is not the kind of project that leaves a guy behind, because #entourageboysshare is not just a hashtag, it’s a sacred duty. Nice choice of Instagram filter, Lloyd. Don’t forget to book everyone’s travel for January. Wait, you’re all in an airport for some reason — maybe you’ve got it covered.

But even if you don’t, we have a shoot date. This Hummer is already rolling down the Sunset Strip. The Ciroq cannons are locked and loaded. Everyone within a million-mile radius of Hollywood is about to get soaked in high-end winnerade and they will cheer every glorious moment of it. I think Vince just winked at us. This is better than we dared dream in our wildest squirrel-dreams. The acorn is almost ours.

Getting pumped.

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