The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer: Jamie Goes Electric

Spidey plummets through the sky, his suit rippling to show you it’s not all CGI this time. (It’s totally all CGI this time, but there will be ripples.) He busts a web. He catches a police car on his shoulders. If you expected subtlety from The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s first trailer, you’re a noble soul. But aside from big moments briefly glimpsed, there’s not a lot to specifically chew on. Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker give us a bite of tasty repartee and leave us wanting a full plate. Harry Osborn shows up, played by Dane DeHaan (Chronicle, Kill Your Darlings, Metallica: Through the Never), looking somehow creepier than James Franco did in Spider-Man: The Tobey Years.

You’ve also got a zombie-ish Chris Cooper playing Harry’s dad, the evil genius behind Oscorp. There’s very little of Jamie Foxx’s Electro, and even less of Paul Giamatti’s Rhino, but this is only the first of presumably dozens of trailers and teasers, so we’ll get there. (We’ll also get into the movie’s social-media blitz shortly — a tall brick building in the trailer advises us to “Follow The Daily Bugle on Tumblr.” I’d rather work on a GIF of Spider-Man playing deadly discus with that manhole cover for now, to be honest.)

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