Still Grieving Over Last Night’s Game of Thrones? There’s a Twitter Account for That

@RedWeddingTears Red Wedding Tears

SPOILER ALERT: Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones was rather eventful.

Hopefully, those of you in attendance at last night’s Red Wedding on Game of Thrones were in the company of a loved one or good friend who could be trusted not to think ill of you for experiencing some capital-E Emotions during the proceedings, ideally because they, too, were weeping into their New God Dream Catchers and digging in the backyard for some leeches to throw on the fire in Walder Frey’s honor. But if you were left to process the episode on your own, fear not: The Game of Thrones fan community is here to support you — that is, if they don’t cancel their HBO subscriptions first.

@RedWeddingTears, a Twitter account set up after last night’s episode, has become a caps-strewn repository for Thrones’ more ardent, decidedly non-book-reading followers. The reactions run the gamut of grief, from anger (“I’m fuckin heated right now james rr martin or whatever the fuck your name is your a sick man what’s next joffrey wins the war god damn”) to bargaining (“I just want to know if there’s anyway they can bring Richard Madden back to play another character… Please?”) to indigestion (IT’S BEEN HALF AN HOUR AND IM STILL THROWING UP #GAMEOFTHRONES) and, crucially, a complete absence of acceptance.

Time will tell if the copious threats to jump ship will materialize into an actual ratings drop for HBO, or if it will merely mean certain subscribers will experience a noticeable decrease in “Hey, man, what’s your HBO GO password again?” e-mails. In the meantime, the Internet has always been, and always will be, an acceptable space to work out your shit when it comes to bloody massacres of fictional characters. Just be forewarned: The book readers will never be too shy to declare your emotional journey “so 10 years ago.”

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