Stephen Colbert Chains Vince Gilligan Backstage, Demands More Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan finished up his series finale celebration late on Sunday night, hopped on a plane to New York, and immediately sat down with Stephen Colbert as a capper on his much-deserved victory lap. And how did Colbert repay him? By taking him hostage backstage, Pinkman-in-the-Nazi-superlab-style, and demanding more Breaking Bad. The impulse is understandable; we’re all slowly, painfully coming to terms with the complete absence of those lovable meth-slingers in our lives, and as neat and tidy as that finale was, Gilligan did leave a few loose ends maddeningly frayed. TELL US WHAT HAPPENED TO HUELL, YOU MONSTER! IS HE STILL IN THAT MOTEL ROOM, WAITING FOR INSTRUCTIONS? See how easy it is to get carried away when you’ve got a showrunner enslaved? Gilligan’s lucky Colbert didn’t demand a spinoff for DEA Mustache Guy. Keep typing, bitch, indeed.

Oh, in other bitch-related Breaking Bad news, presumably no hostage situation was involved in Aaron Paul screaming “Dance, bitch!” over this track by Tom Neville and DJ Zen Freeman. Though by next week, we hope it would take a situation involving imminent mortal peril for Paul to ever utter his catchphrase again. Gilligan set you free, Aaron. Run.

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