‘Step Up: All In’ Trailer: The ‘Step Up’ Franchise Goes Vegas

I am a Step Up lifer. I have signed a contract with Summit Entertainment that expires the day I die, which dictates that I will see any and every movie with the words “Step Up” in the title on opening weekend. I’m not sure when I signed this contract — probably sometime after seeing Step Up 2: The Streets in an arm sling and Vicodin haze, having dislocated my shoulder the day before, which tragically crushed my two-year dream of quitting college and training to join a K-Town pop-and-lock crew. I definitely cried tears of joy and regret during Step Up 2; I probably signed that contract with said tears.

But enough about me. It’s an even-numbered year, which means it’s time for a NEW STEP UP MOVIE! If you have been waiting for the Step Up franchise to finally dislodge itself from the Eastern seaboard and inject a little Vegas/Showgirls razzle-dazzle into its veins, this is your summer! This one looks to be centered around a Las Vegas dance tournament (a much realer thing than giant dance battles in shipping yards) and extremely Moose-centric (Adam Sevani, the Hugh Jackman of the franchise). Both very positive things. Also important: Step Up 2 star/America’s sweetheart Briana Evigan is BACK. Never leave us again, Andie. Also, I hope America’s Best Dance Crew champs I.aM.mE got some credit for the Rollerblading move at :55.

July 25. I could not be more in. One might even say I … OK, OK, OK.

[protected-iframe id=”1c1d2b3580067ba046395d868c74cb98-60203239-57838107″ info=”http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1″ width=”540″ height=”304″]

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