Songs of the Week: The Black Keys Are Lonely, Coldplay Finds Love, and R.E.M. Does Dunst

The Black Keys, “Lonely Boy”

Please, allow this nice gentleman to welcome you to the new Black Keys album. It’s called El Camino, it’s out December 6th, and it is apparently so good it’ll make you want to lease and operate a motel just so you can dance in front of its offices whenever you want.

Lil B, “Beat the Odds”

A new wave of more coherent Tumblr rap has more or less passed Lil B by for now, but check in with the guy every once in a while, and you won’t be disappointed. Of “Beat the Odds,” he writes “I CRIED TO THIS WHILE MAKING THIS AS WELL AS WATCHING THIS. ITS OKAY TO CRY REMBER THAT…CRY FOR OUR BABIES OF THE FUTER!” Also: “I’m trying to change the old way of thinking, peep it / wrote a book at nineteen, I hope that Jesus reads it”
ASAP Rocky, “Grippin Woodgrain”

Speaking of more topical rap blog obsessions: ASAP Rocky just signed a $3 million record deal, which will hopefully mean only more slow ride burners, and more nutso interviews: : “we all became vegetarians about a month ago — that means these guys are really dedicated. They’re on this dark shit with the all-black [clothes], they want to be rebels. I respect it. It’s a cult — they even have codes.”
The Big Pink feat. Danny Brown (AraabMuzik remix)

A British indie-rock duo named after the Band teaming up with Detroit’s reigning king of sleaze and psychosis and the MPC genius who sometimes makes beats for Dipset? Well, this is certainly a random collection of people! Thanks, internet.
Coldplay, “We Found Love”

Chris Martin gives Rihanna’s latest jam the Marriot piano bar treatment. When he says “we found love in a hopeless place,” he’s referring to that time at Blythe Danner’s Cape Cod house when Mario Batali was, like, right next door.  
Mazzy Star, “Common Burn”

It’s been 15 years since Mazzy Star released new material. On their return, though, they’re as delicately, gorgeously unhurried as ever.  
Freddie Gibbs, “Let Em Burn”

And now, for a whole other kind of song with the word ‘burn’ in its title. Gary, Indiana’s greatest-ever gangsta rapper returns with more cold, hard hate in his heart.
Active Child, “Diamond Heart”

File under “Excellent sad music you can dance to.”
Future, “Tony Montana”

Never got into Future’s street hit, but the video looks enough like an outtake from that last Fast and the Furious to make it worth your time.
R.E.M., “We All Go Back To Where We Belong”

After Lars Von Trier’s infamous Cannes press conference (“I’m a Nazi”) earlier this year, a pretty mesmerizing Kirsten Dunst GIF wall, made up entirely of her stunned reactions to the crazy-ass things her director was saying, surfaced. This video — a black-and-white static one-shot of Dunst making faces- is kind of like that, only with less jokey Hitler ref

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