Songs of the Week: Kelly Clarkson Gets a Ring on It, Problem Rolls Up With T.I. and Snoop

Kelly Clarkson, “Tie It Up (Live at CMA Fest)”

Kelly Clarkson is a vanilla-scented tornado when it comes to pop-rock-country slammers like this “Single Ladies”–style ode to locking it the heck down.


Problem ft. T.I. and Snoop Dogg, “Roll Up”

West Coast rapper Problem already has two big summer-ready hits with the Young Bleed–flipping “Like Whaaat” and Tyga collaboration “Do It.” His new mixtape The Separation is loaded with songs for the season, perfect for popping Jet Ski tricks and drinking ice-cold root beer.


Kurt Vile, “KV Crimes”

Wawa-repping Philly rocker Kurt Vile has JUST ENOUGH COWBELL.


Diego CK, “Diego Loves Santana (Original Mix)”

I love minimalist techno with talking in it! (Not being sarcastic.)


Gauntlet Hair, “Human Nature”

A moody Jesus and Mary Chain–type rocker from Gauntlet Hair. If you’re into shoegaze and breakbeats and long walks through mossy woods, this note’s for you.


Katy B, “What Love Is Made Of”

Katy B channels her inner Amber, and it’s glorious.


Sage the Gemini, “Red Nose”

Sage the Gemini is a Bay Area rapper who has a regional hit about shaking it like a red-nosed pit bull terrier. Do yourself the favor of listening to this song. You will be singing it all day.


The Civil Wars, “The One That Got Away”

The Civil Wars are a folk and bluegrass duo who broke up last year, just after they had their biggest hit ever with a Taylor Swift collaboration for the soundtrack to The Hunger Games. They have apparently mended fences and are back with a new album this year. This is not a cover of the Katy Perry song, since you’re wondering.


California Wives, “Blood Red Youth”

California Wives are from Chicago, which is why they sound like a classic Chicago indie rock band and nothing at all like the Byrds.


The Saturdays, “Gentleman”

The Saturdays are here to fill the void in our lives left by the breakup of Girls Aloud, with this incredibly odd ode lamenting the loss of the chivalrous men of “1995” and “1999.” Look, I’ve seen Sex & the City and Sex in the ’90s. I remember things.

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