Sherlock Series 3 Is Almost Here. Watch the Trailer. Almost Here.

If you haven’t yet watched the six extant episodes of the BBC’s Sherlock, (1) why aren’t you living your best life?, and (2) don’t play the above video, as it constitutes an enormous spoiler about the end of Series 2 and everything that is good in the world will be ruined for you. You will spend the rest of your wretched days regretting the decision, muttering under your breath about how Bendlyboo Crambersnootch destroyed your life as you attempt to sell broken electronic goods from a dirty blanket on the front lawn of your former home. You’ve been warned. The Curse of the ‘Snootch looms for incautious YouTube clickers. He will mock your wholly avoidable destruction from beneath his giant pile of gold.

If you are a Sherlock fan who’s caught up, here’s the Series 3 trailer. The first of the new batch debuts on New Year’s Day, though you will have to fly to London to see them as they roll out, because they will not be legally available in America until January 19, which is just terrible news. This video will have to tide you over. It’s all we have. Treasure it. And take pity on the guy on the dirty blanket. He didn’t know what he was doing.

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