Seth Rogen Brings Kevin Hart Back Into the Apatow Fold

RogenJudd Apatow’s Undeclared has been off the air for a decade, but it’s still reaping dividends. Three of its veterans – star Seth Rogen, producer Rodney Rothman, and guest star Kevin Hart — are now teaming up for a buddy comedy, with a twist. As Variety explains, “Duo will play the first (fictional) interracial police partners, who infiltrate the post-World War II jazz scene to investigate a drug ring.” Well-intentioned period-piece bickering? Archaic slang? Possible references to “kicking your ass like we kicked the Nazis‘ ass”? The almost-definite presence of old-timey moustaches? Sounds great!

And if it does work out, you can thank Apatow, just a touch, for bringing all the talent together in the first place. Rothman has producer credit on all seventeen episodes of Undeclared, and has stayed in the family by producing Jason Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Five Year Engagement since. Meanwhile, just like Rogen, Hart has gone on to bigger and better things since the show. He’s now one of the best-selling stand-up comedians in the country, and he’s starring in Think Like a Man; as importantly, he also gets namechecked by rappers (Drake: “Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart, boy”) and pals around in NBA All-Star games. But he was already totally great on Undeclared, playing a Bible-toting aspiring stand-up. Here is grainy footage of him telling a semi-solid Charlton Heston joke:

He also has a crucial cameo in Apatow’s 40-Year Old Virgin: “You’re throwing too many big words at me … because I don’t understand ‘em, I’m gonna take ‘em as disrespect.”

The point being: Kevin Hart + Apatow, etc. = great things.

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