‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 2 Trailer: This Is Not How I Imagined Prison to Be at All


It’s important, watching this wonderful YouTube video, to remember it might just be a flawless trailer, and Orange Is the New Black isn’t guaranteed to up its game in Season 2. But it’s really hard to remember that, because Orange Is the New Black is so definitely going to up its game in Season 2.

We open on Piper, holed up in solitary, claiming she’s ready to be a model inmate and refrain from any more violent holiday high jinks. Then the excite-o-meter ratchets to parts unknown as we get a rapid-fire reminder of the insane depth of this bench: Suzanne/Crazy Eyes! Sophia! Big Boo! Morello! Yoga Jones! Pornstache! RED! TAYSTEEEE JEFFERSONNNNN!!

Let’s see, what else? An old nemesis of Red’s will show up as a new villain. Someone will shoot a gun. Sister Ingalls will wind up in the infirmary. Natasha Lyonne will smoke a (marijuana?) cigarette contraband-style. We’ll get a flashback for Black Cindy. Bennett and Daya will still be hot and heavy, although Bennett’s edging into power-trip maniac mode. Jason Biggs and Laura Prepon will still be around, at least a little. Piper will threaten to rip a throat out, proving she’s not ready to be the model citizen she promised. And Pennsatucky’s nowhere to be seen.

On a less freaking-the-hell-out note, it looks like showrunner Jenji Kohan might use this season to dig deeper into a topic the real-life Piper dug into in her memoir: how fucked the U.S. prison system is, and how little it does to rehabilitate anyone who passes through.

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