New World War Z Trailer: Wow, That’s a Lot of Zombies

The chatter so far on World War Z, Brad Pitt’s big splashy adaptation of Max Brooks’s airport-bookstore front-stand staple, was mostly centered around how screwed it was. Behind the scenes, there were additional shooting days and high-level creative differences and even a brand-new Damon Lindelof–hatched, Drew Goddard–executed ending; meanwhile, us peons were treated to a steady barrage of preview material from the flick, chopped up into Entertainment Tonight segments and sneak peeks and teasers and teasers for the sneak peeks. Now, with the hullabaloo behind us, here comes a brash new full-length trailer, asking one primary question of America: Are you or are you not psyched to see Brad Pitt, and his luscious grown-man Tim Riggins hair, save the world from flying, climbing hordes of zombies?

The trailer doesn’t actually make it all that clear, but Pitt plays a U.N. employee and devoted family man, bopping around the world trying to figure out what the hell is killing off everyone, never once even coming close to voicing the minority opinion that maybe whole swaths of society going over to the other side isn’t so bad because then at least there’d be less lines at Shake Shack. Anyway, feel free to check out the trailer as (a) advance word from what could still be Hollywood’s latest cautionary-tale train wreck, or (b) an excuse to discuss zombie doctrine. To get the conversation going, a word from YouTube commenter 3MrNiceGuy15: “i can accpet the running zombies in Dawn of the dead, or the runnning infected in 28 days. because they run at a pace much like a regular human. but this movie it appears they can run, leap and climb like no living human can do. Thats what bothers me.”

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