Nathan Fielder Explains Dumb Starbucks, Possibility of Jail Time, to Jimmy Kimmel

Are you sick of hearing about Dumb Starbucks yet? You very well might be. Try living in L.A.! (If you live in L.A., you are definitely sick of hearing about Dumb Starbucks. Especially since the health department closed it down and you can’t wait three hours in line for prank coffee unless you go to the Coffee Bean at the Grove. Kidding, CBTL! Luv u. Send us a gift card and we’ll change this to Stumptown.*)

Oh, about the sudden shuttering of the world’s most tweeted-about fake coffee emporium: On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, evil Dumbbucks mastermind Nathan Fielder revealed that he (or whoever’s willing to take the fall) could serve up to six months in jail for serving coffee without a food permit. (Fielder maintains that, as a gallery delivering its “art” in cups, Dumb Starbucks should not need a permit. Solid point.) Will that happen? Of course not. Nathan for You parent corporation Dumb Viacom has more money than the City of Los Angeles. Still, probably couldn’t hurt for Fielder to take Kimmel up on his offer to put in a good word with the mayor. And maybe with the Vons folks if they get chippy about the use of their delicious pastries.

(*P.S. to Stumptown: Send us free beans and we’ll leave it as CBTL. We are fully for sale, let’s not pretend otherwise.)

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