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No show on TV other than Saturday Night Live makes news when casting no-names. That’s because, whatever our issues with its final product on a week-to-week basis, we still trust that SNL is the elite comedy institution, which means that every amateur comedy stage in the country operates partially as an SNL farm system. Yeah, sure, the odds aren’t in their favor, but every time a newbie lighting up UCB or Second City gets the call from Lorne Michaels, there’s at least a chance that, in a few short years, they’ll have burrowed their way deep into our hearts. Hope springs eternal, etc. (Personally, it’s hard even imagining a world where my dude Bill Hader was just one of the random new guys.) Which brings us to today’s casting announcement, and the latest crop of new SNLers. And the new hires are, as announced via press release this morning:

Aidy Bryant, who’s trained at iO Chicago, Annoyance Theatre, and was a member of the Second City E.T.C Stage. Check her out in action in the video above.

Tim Robinson, also from Second City. He comes in halfway through this video:

And Cecily Strong, yet another Second City alum:

Strong, Robinson, and Bryant will be plugging some holes left by the departures of Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, and Abby Elliott. (Still undecided about his return, at least publicly, is Jason Sudeikis.) Good luck on your first day, you three! I don’t know, maybe bring cupcakes or something?

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