Matt & Kim and a Guy Dribbling a Basketball Expertly = The ‘Let’s Go’ Video

In the name of continuing what is something of an unofficial policy here at Grantland — directing your attention to every music video that features a person, famous or otherwise, bouncing a basketball — you might want to check out this new one-shot joint from twee bashers Matt & Kim, which features a fellow named Pat the Roc performing all manner of dribbling trickery.

First of all, the NBA is over, so you’re probably tweaking pretty bad without continuous footage of people dribbling. Plus, this is no ordinary dribbling; it is a mesmerizing, soothing sort, enhanced with advanced crossovers, shoulder slides, “multiple balls in the air at the same time” maneuvers, and all kinds of other stuff that maybe you pretend like you know how to do when you show up to the park early for the pickup game and you have to wait for your friends to arrive. Also, random idea: You know how heroic YouTube uploaders will dramatically chop up grainy footage of their favorite players and set it to raucous music, in this manner? Well, if I were in an indie-rock band, I’d shoot footage of me and my buddies raining 3s and flushing layups and stuff, and then chop it up all dramatically and set it to our own raucous music, and, boom, hit music video. (Kind of like that rad Harlem Shakes video that was an homage to YouTube montages.) And one last quasi-non sequitur: I’m pretty obsessed with this one time when Werner Herzog said all his movies could have the same title — “I’m now doing a film with death-row inmates, and as a general umbrella title, I thought about Gazing Into the Abyss, and then I thought that would have been a fine title … for almost every film I’ve made. Bad Lieutenant, Aguirre, you just name it”; “Grizzly Man,” offers the interviewer. “Grizzly Man, yes” — and so sometimes think about that same concept applying to other directors/artists/bands. And wouldn’t “Let’s Go” be a fine title for basically any Matt & Kim song?

This has been a long-winded way of saying, here’s a thing!

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