Omnipresent, Omnipotent Rapper Kanye West Will Headline the Made in America Festival on Both Coasts

Rick Kern/Getty

How do you feel after having a big, important day on the East Coast and then flying immediately to the West Coast? Are you generally game for performing in front of thousands of people upon arrival? Then you are Kanye West, and you will headline both the Philadelphia and Los Angeles iterations of Made in America Festival’s third year. Yeezus is scheduled for Philly on August 30 and L.A. on August 31. Iggy Azalea was just added to the L.A. side, too. Back to Kanye, though: If you enjoy money, find a way right now to place a bet on Kanye proclaiming “I AM AMERICA” at both shows.

Entertainment Weekly has an Avengers: Age of Ultron cover and eight new photos.

Sia, whose first album hit in 1997, just landed her first no. 1 record. It sold only 52,000 copies, but still, yay, Sia.

Wait wait wait. Tommy “The Room” Wiseau has a TV show coming?

Lena Dunham’s book tour is going to be super-celebrified. She’ll appear with/be interviewed by Zadie Smith, Amy Schumer, Carrie Brownstein, Miranda July, and Mary Karr.

More in books: Billy Eichner is writing his first one.

Holler If Ya Hear Me isn’t the only Broadway musical shutting down early. The Rocky musical’s done for, too.

Preemptive call for the Ouija movie to be the final nail in the movies-based-on-board-games-and-toys coffin.

Here’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt practicing his wire-walking for Robert Zemeckis’s Man on Wire–based drama.

This guy busted into the Kennedys’ Hyannisport home looking for Katy Perry. Interesting intruder, though.

Bowie says he’s got more music coming soon.

More SNLers are done: Say bye-bye to Noël Wells and John Milhiser.

And Weird Al Week continues with “Foil,” a “Royals” parody. It’s great. (If you missed it, Steven Hyden wrote about Al’s new record here.)

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