The Inevitable James Franco Film Festival Is Upon Us

James Franco

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The inaugural FrancoFest — going down at New York City’s IFC Center from Wednesday, March 5, through Thursday, March 13 — will center squarely on Franco’s screen work, meaning we’ll have to wait till next time to consider the paintings, sundry master’s theses and bits of literature, undergrad lecture demos, and live Days of Our Lives–inspired performance art. “We’re thrilled to present this not-even-mid-career survey [which] includes some of Franco’s most notable performances — Spring Breakers, 127 Hours and more — and a sampling of the features he has directed, among them As I Lay Dying, The Broken Tower, Sal and others,” IFC’s announcement reads. Franco will appear at a handful of the screenings.

If you’ve heard today’s Hollywood Prospectus podcast, you may now call Greenwald and Ryan prophets. If not, enjoy this clip anyway. SEMI-SPOILER ALERT re: True Detective, I guess? [via]

Very cool: every dress worn by a Best Actress winner.

12 Years a Slave will now expand to 1,000 theaters.

Adele Dazeem and the Roosts play “Les’s Gruel” on The Tonight’s Shawl Starring Jiminy Phallus.

John Darnelle, the man who is the Mountain Goats, has his first full-length novel coming. Since his novella about a mentally ill boy who loves Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality is beyond compare, this is great news. [via]

Ellen tipped the pizza deliveryman a sweet $1,000. (And no, he wasn’t in on the bit.)

Big week for ’za, actually: Last week’s American Idol votes accidentally got routed to a Washington state pizza place.

“Drunk in Love” as told through animated emojis: out of this world. [via]

Check out the new new Bruce Wayne.

Wes Anderson superfan quiz = so many meticulous little details to get stumped by.

There’s a children’s movie about Paddington Bear coming, and it’s got a teaser.

Parks and Rec’s Ben Wyatt loses his mind (justifiably) over receiving a life-size Iron Throne. [via]
[protected-iframe id=”75b4c77d5bce60d3243a1332c57f25d7-60203239-57808363″ info=”” width=”540″ height=”304″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

And here’s a new Janelle Monáe song courtesy of the Rio 2 soundtrack. (Don’t misjudge the Rio franchise’s ability to make a great soundtrack.)

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