‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Trailer: Turn Down for Waltz

Let’s get the critiques out of the way: The trailer for the Horrible Bosses sequel uses “Turn Down for What” only a couple of weeks after the 21 Jump Street sequel planted its flag in the song. And while it’s great to see Horrible Bosses Kevin Spacey post–House of Cards (with facial hair!), you really shouldn’t have Christoph Waltz in your movie and then only a single shot of him in your trailer, in a trunk, gagged. He’s Christoph Waltz! He’s one of the best talkers in the world! Chris Pine’s also in the movie.

On to the good stuff: Jamie Foxx has some real crazy scalp ink, and there’s a funny riff on the slo-mo cool-dude walk. If you’re still a fan of Jennifer Aniston, Film Actress, she’s being all kinky again, even though she just played pretend-wife to Jason Sudeikis in last summer’s We’re the Millers — which, like Horrible Bosses 2, was co-written by Sean Anders. Brain twisters everywhere!

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