Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: The Bourne Legacy, Breaking Bad, Seven Psychopaths, and More

The Bourne LegacyToday on the Hollywood Prospectus Podcast, Andy and I are Bourne again (:30). Longtime fans of the Jason Bourne franchise, we were pleasantly surprised to find the series in the capable, wolf-punching hands of Jeremy Renner. But should there ever have been any doubt? After all, The Bourne Legacy was written and directed by one of the guiding voices of the series, Tony Gilroy, and prominently features Edward Norton telling people they’re in the wrong meeting! What’s not to love?

After a languid traipse through the Blackbriar and Treadstone file archives, we circle back to the taut, dark majesty that was this past week’s Breaking Bad (30:00), and came up with a couple of theories about where the show could be going.

We wrap up this week’s pod with a trip to the Trailer Park (40:15), as we discuss coming attractions for Zero Dark Thirty, Trouble With the Curve, and the new Colin Farrell–Martin McDonagh thrill-omedy, Seven Psychopaths. So throw on some headphones, take your greens and blues, and give it a listen. You are definitely in the right meeting.

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