Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Breaking Bad, the Emmys, Homeland, and Drake

Ursula Coyote/AMC Breaking Bad

It’s a time of beginnings and endings on the Hollywood Prospectus pod. Chris shared the start of what may be a beautiful elevator friendship with one of the stars of Dads, while I described Dylan McDermott’s acting style on Hostages for what we can only hope will be the last time.

In between, we talked at length about “Granite State,” Breaking Bad’s slow, wintry horror show of a penultimate episode, and the terrifying awfulness of the Emmy Awards, which managed to get some things right but so very many things wrong. We also buzzed through a few of the new fall shows that are worth getting excited/infuriated about and the imminent return of Homeland — and official podcast mascot/hero Chris Brody. Speaking of slow, wintry horror shows, did you know Drake has a new album out? Chris and I started from the bottom but, with one week left, Walter White seems likely to end up there. Circle of life, you know?

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