Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Special Fall TV Preview Edition

Last ResortCan you feel it? Football season has started and there’s a crisp chill in the air. While most reach for their pumpkin lagers and autumn sweaters, those of us who toil in the pop cultural industrial complex reach for our helmets and shoulder pads: It’s fall television time. In this special edition of the Hollywood Prospectus podcast, Chris Ryan and I break down all the new network shows you should be watching — and all of the very many more you should be avoiding like the hantavirus. Jumping off from the four preview pieces I wrote last week, we broke down the hit-or-miss offerings from Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC. Listen now to hear about our new favorites (we’re both high on Nashville, The Mindy Project, and Last Resort) and new punching bags. (It’s the MOB and she’s a DOCTOR!) Leave that book on your bedside table, Hayden Panettiere. It’s TV season.

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