‘Gotham’ Trailer: Batman Minus Batman

First things first: Where is Jim Gordon’s mustache? It’s great seeing a familiar face in Ben McKenzie (The O.C.’s Ryan Atwood, Southland’s Ben Sherman), but if Jim Gordon leaves the house without a mustache, is he even Jim Gordon?

We’ll see. Fox’s Gotham — which got an official series pickup Monday — is the Batman show without Batman, so any of our preconceived notions are probably ripe for window-tossing. In this trailer alone we lay eyes on the folks who’ll grow up to become the Penguin, Catwoman, the Riddler, and Poison Ivy — but it feels like the thrust of the series might never have them going full villain. Ditto for Bruce Wayne, who’s here to be consoled after his parents are blasted down in an alley. (Also set to appear on Gotham: Alfred Pennyworth; the Joker!) Jada Pinkett Smith’s in the clip as well, playing a mob boss named Fish Mooney. This is not, as someone says in the clip, “a city for nice guys.” It’s also not, as I’m about to opine, “a show that looks much different from the CW’s typical fare.”

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