Girls in Hoodies Podcast: Orange Is the New Black, Rating TV Theme Songs, and More

Orange Is The New BlackAppropriately, for a discussion of a show that is about hitting rock bottom and finding a way to thrive there, the Girls in Hoodies recorded this podcast from the plushly carpeted floor of the Grantland studio. Maybe it was our Pavlovian subconscious telling us that we were about to have some quality circle time or maybe do an improv game or two, but we don’t plan on returning to furniture anytime soon. We’d all done varying levels of binges on Orange Is the New Black in preparation for this show, and were impressed and encouraged not only by the show’s unconventional (read: diverse and heavily female) point of view and casting, but also by the enormous popularity of a show that a pay-cable network probably wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole. After singing the show’s praises, we couldn’t help but get into it with regard to the earworm-y Regina Spektor theme song, which got us thinking about the most and least effective opening sequences of some of our favorite shows. So sit down, get comfy, and join us for our casual, cross-legged sharing sesh. You’ve got time.

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