George R.R. Martin Reacts to the Red Wedding Reaction Videos! Plus: More Red Wedding Videos!

Chaos-sowing murder-elf and Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is taking something of a victory lap around the media after Sunday night’s nerd-decimating Red Wedding reveal, clearly reveling in the unexpected back-of-skull impact of the pain-boomerang he hurled 13 years ago when he originally published the scene in A Storm of Swords. Last night that tour brought him to the guest chair on Conan, where he watched the reaction videos of ambushed fans upchucking gutfuls of bread and salt from the slow-developing sucker punch by the Godfather of Dragons. His reaction’s pretty restrained; maybe we were hoping he would fall on the floor and writhe in agony as he drank in the suffering of his eviscerated devotees, but he probably voided that kind of emotional outpouring from his system many years ago when he scribbled the placeholder words “AND THEN HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE STAB STAB SLICE YOUR MINDS ARE BLOWN DEATH COMES FOR US ALL!” onto his first-draft parchment with a raven-feather pen dipped in the blood of a direwolf. Still, it’s nice to know he cares.

In other When Are We All Going to Move On With Our Lives? Not Yet? OK! news, the Red Wedding videos keep on coming, because our appetite for them is apparently unlimited. Here’s the Princess Bride version, which, SPOILER-AND-NSFW alerts, contains footage from the show:

And no meme-ification of a watershed pop-cultural event would be complete without our pal The Führer weighing in:

Yeah, maybe we’re done now.

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