Exclusive 2015 Oscar Nominations Preview: The ‘Entourage’ Movie Begins Shooting, Inevitable Awards Journey

The Entourage movie begins shooting today.

And roughly one year from today, the Entourage movie begins collecting its Oscar nominations, shocking the world:

Best Picture: Entourage: The Movie

Best Actor: Adrian Grenier (pictured, in heavy-looking chains, getting shredded in preparation to lift his award); Jeremy Piven

Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Piven; Kevin Connolly; Kevin Dillon; Turtle; Eli Roth (as himself)

Best Supporting Actress: The publicist; Sloan; Amy Adams (as a high-powered agent who tries to seduce Vinny into taking a role as a paraplegic military code breaker)

Best Original Screenplay: (Not nominated; the screenplay will be thrown out on Day 2 of shooting in favor of the all-improvised approach that leads to the unprecedented 10 acting nods, including Piven’s amazing double Actor and Supporting Actor feat.)

Best Director: Doug Ellin and Jeremy Piven

Best Original Song: “Boys Share” by Saigon

Best Cinematography: Janusz Kaminski

We’ll see you on January 16-ish, 2015, to count ’em up. In the meantime, there’s a movie to make.

And history to make. Oh yeah.

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