Community Season 4 Goes to the Hunger Games

When you think about it, hasn’t everything about Community‘s suffering-fraught journey from its Season 3 bubble-show pickup to its much-delayed Season 4 debut — still February 7, as per the above promo clip, until it’s not! — essentially been The Hunger Games in microcosm? Those living in District Greendale have been clamoring after any piece of filthy bread tossed at their feet, forced to sacrifice their tributes to the cruel network masters who toy with their lives, hoping to survive the pageantized slaughter long enough to one day overthrow the decadent autocrats responsible for the coming Thursday-night dystopia. And then Chevy Chase takes a poleax to the sternum while gathering berries, Alison Brie rides into the TCAs in a form-fitting costume engulfed in beautiful flames, and a bunch of genetically engineered helldogs with Dan Harmon’s eyes tear some programming executives to pieces. See? It all lines up perfectly. You can see why they’ve chosen to play out this particular fantasy in the coming season.

(As long as we’re on the topic, if Stanley Tucci ever gets tired of playing Caesar Flickerman, Dean Pelton would be a fine replacement. He’ll bring his own wardrobe and everything. Anyway, February 7. Let’s see how this all goes down.)

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