Coldplay’s “Paradise” Video: Chris Martin Plays Elephant Man

The two most Chris Martin-y things Chris Martin did today, in descending order:

1. Dressing like an elephant in Coldplay’s new video for “Paradise.” It’s not clear if he’s in the suit the whole time: the clip kicks off with the elephant man escaping from the zoo, then sojourning through Heathrow to the wilderness, then reconnecting with his instrument-playing elephant family (eventually, they play a huge arena to massive cheers). But at one point, while unicycling down the road toward his paradise, elephant man takes off his head, and it’s Chris. Did we mention that he’s unicycling?

2. Responding in XXL to Jay-Z’s claim that Martin’s ass would have gotten robbed if he’d walked through the Marcy projects back in the day: “He definitely wouldn’t have taken my sneakers because mine were always a lot too dirty for him … I don’t know. He wouldn’t have touched me then. He’s too sweet underneath. I don’t believe that from him.”

First, his band drops a goofy elephant-filled video for a dumb-simple pop song (“When she was just a girl / she expected the world/ but it flew away from her reach,” blah blah blah, now “this could be paradiiiiise”). Then, he dismisses his rap-legend buddy’s tough talk with some charming self-deprecation. If you’d forgotten for a minute why so many people love and hate Martin and Coldplay, these are two pretty good reminders.

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