‘Blackhat’ Trailer: Thor Is a Hacker for Michael Mann Now. Sure, Why Not?

For the members of the Avengers in highest standing — that’d be Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth, a.k.a. the ones with their own standalone Marvel franchises — it’s always a tall order to squeeze in non-numbered fare. Between filming, getting in ridiculous shape, and doing those long international promo runs, when, exactly, are you supposed to make time for the little scuffed-up non-billion-dollar-grossing passion projects?! Increasingly, though, the dudes have managed.

Iron Man is about to be seen across from the great Robert Duvall in The Judge, a fathers-and-sons courtroom drama. Cap America, all dirt-caked and rebellious, just recently crushed it in Snowpiercer. And now here comes Thor, swapping out the hammer of the gods for a keyboard.

In Michael Mann’s Blackhat (his first feature directorial gig since 2009’s Public Enemies), Chris Hemsworth is a convicted-felon hacker, released from prison in order to chase down an anonymous “blackhat” hacker out there wreaking havoc on anyone and anything he can. It’s a solid, straightforward kind of plot, aided and abetted in the trailer by nuclear-plant explosions and hutong wok shots and the sounds of Antony and the Johnsons’ skeletal take on “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” And even if Hollywood does seem destined to make only the most preposterous takes on high-stakes computer security, well, who’s to say that should stop them for trying? As for why the world’s greatest MIT-educated genius-coder is a super-jacked dude who does upside-down push-ups and fights off gangs of prison guards — I mean come on, man. That’s Thor!


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