Behold the First Official Chicken Pot Pie of the ‘Entourage’ Movie Shoot

Details are frustratingly scant, but series creator/bon vivant Doug Ellin has tweeted out a photo of the first official chicken pot pie of the Entourage movie shoot:

Questions abound: Who cooked it? (Drama?) Is it a requirement of Kevin “E” Connolly’s contract rider, to be delivered, still piping hot, to his trailer at every lunch break? Is it a set prop secretly full of cocaine because of a Vinny Chase story line? Was it an apology gift to Perrey Reeves from onscreen husband Jeremy Piven, who never learned how to spell her name correctly?

Must the chicken pot pie be equally divided five ways, because #EntourageBoysShare?

There will be more chicken pot pie details as they become available. Trust that we will be monitoring the chicken pot pie situation very closely for the duration of the Entourage movie’s production.

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