AMC Will Re-Air The Walking Dead Pilot in Black and White, Because Why Not?

To hype the imminent third season of its zombie drama, The Walking Dead, AMC has launched a daring viral campaign involving several seemingly unconnected incidents of deranged cannibalism.

Just kidding: AMC’s marketing plan is not that ambitious. Instead, the cable network is running a marathon of all 19 episodes from The Walking Dead‘s first two seasons, culminating with a re-airing of the pilot … in black and white.

I get it: The original graphic novels on which the series is based were black and white, so presenting the pilot in the same visual style is a sop to fans who may have grown disenchanted by the show. (And there is, of course, famous precedent in the zombie canon.) If it works and reignites some viewers’ flagging passion, maybe other poorly aging series can follow suit, breathing new life into their pilot episodes with formatting gimmicks. Here are some suggestions that showrunners can have for free.

  • Burn Notice: Slightly burned film stock filter, duh.
  • The Office: Get British actors to dub everyone’s voices. It’s time.
  • Private Practice: The show revolves around an ob-gyn, and yet we don’t know what things look like from a fetus’s perspective?!
  • Two and a Half Men: Digitally remove Charlie Sheen’s character so only his voice is heard. He was a ghost all along! Now embrace Ashton Kutcher!
  • The Killing: Nope, this one’s beyond help.

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