Afternoon Links: The Kubrick of Cat Videographers

Happy cat video festival day — and no, I’m not going to waste an exclamation point on that. Friends, today is the day when thousands of people will congregate in Minnesota to watch cat videos together, because according to the festival’s organizers, “We wanted to make it more of a group experience instead of a solo act you do on your phone or computer.” My mind is dirtier than a litter box, so I’m just going to skim right past that one and onto the next sub-topic of cat videos, which happens to be this Funny or Die short starring Julie Klausner as Shula Von Hollow, “the Stanley Kubrick” of cat videographers. Cat videos may get old, but you know what never does? Humans eating feline vittles straight from the can, maybe even the “breakfast Fancy Feast meals with the eggs.” Don’t forget the aspic. Never forget the aspic.


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