Afternoon Links: The Internet Is Ricky Gervais’s Plagiarism Playground

Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais wrote a wordy tribute to “dicking about” on the Internet and the fact that creativity can’t be taught. It is a gift! His piece, titled “The Internet Is My Playground,” pulls quotes from Scott Adams, Picasso, and Stephen Nachmanovitch, but it looks like he either forgot to credit or neglected to Google David Thorne, the Australian humorist and author who, as HuffPo’s commenters were quick to point out, wrote The Internet Is a Playground a few years back. Thorne is a pioneer of dicking about on the Internet, and though I’m sure Gervais didn’t mean to rip him off — and, yes, the Internet is a playground, and at some point every person with a Twitter handle has this epiphany for him- or herself — his points are pretty much identical to Thorne’s (“Play the fool. Goad. Shock. Laugh”). Oops. Maybe next time make the Internet your balloon-filled labyrinth.

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