Don’t Make Patton Oswalt Your Enemy

Stand-up comedy’s duke of nerd- and food-based comedy was supposed to see a new hourlong special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time, launch on EPIX on Thursday night. There was a countdown clock and everything, but nothing ended up happening. So Oswalt excoriated the streaming service on Twitter. “Just ’cause @EpixHD is completely incompetent, doesn’t mean you, the customer, should suffer,” he wrote, among much more perfectly awesome vitriol. “It would’ve been glorious. Thanks for nothing, @EpixHD. Learn to run a fucking website. (Drops mic).” Then, bloodied and embarrassed, EPIX got the special up and running.

You’re not gonna NOT look at a picture of Kanye grinning and giving his daughter a piggyback, are you?

Following Toy Story of Terror, ABC’s doing a Christmas special this year called Toy Story Time Forgot.

Vine’s preeminent zombie-pranker, Nick Santonastasso, got to work with Andrew Lincoln and The Walking Dead‘s makeup master Greg Nicotero to scare Norman Reedus. [via]

While we’re on the topic: Here’s a teaser for the back half of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season.

Daniel Radcliffe is doing a new Broadway show, Cripple of Inishmaan, where he’ll play “a young man with a sea of troubles who tries to become a movie star.” (Hugh Jackman’s got another one lined up, too.)

Have you ever seen something creepy? Showtime’s Penny Dreadful looks like it’ll be just like that.

Duck Dynasty‘s fifth season returned to 8.5 million viewers vs. the 12 million that tuned in for the Season 4 premiere last August. So much for ol’ Uncle Phil’s comments giving the show a useful publicity boost.

In Adult World, Emma Roberts is a wannabe poet working in an adult store and pining for established poet John Cusack.
[protected-iframe id=”8d9db6ee36c736736201f6b346992ae3-60203239-57808363″ info=”” width=”576″ height=”324″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

Neil Young and Jack White might have an album of covers on the way.

First I’ll say this isn’t a dis. Then I’ll say this James Blake remake of Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” is TERRIFYING.

Paul Scheer, Keegan Michael Key, Michael Ian Black, Rob Corddry, Tom Lennon, and Ben Garant filmed Hell Baby in this writer’s house; he dutifully described the experience.

And Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s new video is, like the band, weird, excellent, and golden pomegranate–friendly. [via]

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