Afternoon Links: Reporter Terrified by Magic

Reporters can be so stodgy. That’s why it’s nice to see them lose their brains every so often, like Allie Mac Kay did when confronted with the supreme awesomeness of a magic trick on KTLA. For some reason, this fluffy piece seems to have caused some torment for Mac Kay after a bleep was inserted into her reaction, which made it look like she’d dropped an s-bomb (NOOO!). The video was removed from YouTube and the Huffington Post for a while in order for the unbleeped version to reveal that Mac Kay only said “crap,” leading me to believe she had one of those Internet-induced page fright meltdowns (and a for-the-record tweet that goes along with them). Don’t worry, Mac Kay. Nobody’s going to mistake you for a gangster anchor. That seat is occupied by Brian Williams.

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