Afternoon Links: Missouri Wins ‘Most Tone-Deaf Iron Man 3 Promotion’ Contest

'Iron Man 3' at Goodrich Capital 8 TheatersHello, Earthlings. It has been a week since I have been beamed down to your planet from HG-430 Helioplex, my home planet, and boy am I enjoying myself in my humanoid role as manager of a movie theater in Missouri, a job I secured after a quick scan of the interstellar classifieds. You all have no objection to guns in movie theaters, right? I can’t imagine why that would cause anyone to become alarmed. So what’s your beef with my Iron Man 3 publicity stunt? Why would you balk at the image of “people dressed in full tactical gear and carrying what appeared to be assault weapons storm[ing] the screening”? Why would that glue you to your seat while you frantically dial 811 (earth police telecommunication signal)? I don’t know. I’m just here on vacation. And my flight was awful. (h/t The A.V. Club, photo credit Amber and Amanda Photography)

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